In the search field which appears on most pages simply enter any combination of Brand Name, Manufacturer Part Number, BigWarehouse Part Number, Descriptive Keywords, and/or Model Number in the Search Box to identify the item you are looking for. The combination of products that most closely resemble the search information will be shown on the results page.

The model number is not the appliance name eg LG 471L top mount fridge. The model number is a more cryptic string of characters specific to each model (in this eg the model is GT-L481PDC).

The model number can be found on the compliance plate. A compliance plate is a small metal plate attached to all appliances which states the model of the machine, and usually the power ratings and any design standards to which it complies. An example is shown below.

The compliance plate can be located in a number of locations on the appliance. They are often inside the door frame, (top, sides or bottom), sometimes on the rear of the unit, or on the side on the appliance.

If you are unsure of the information on the compliance plate, we suggest you take a photo of the compliance plate and email to us for assistance.

Finding your model number - catertiger

While we always recommend getting the model number, we understand there are sometimes situations where it is not there. Model numbers are almost always on the machine, so make sure you have a really thorough look! To identify a part without a model please email us the following:

  • A photo of the part
  • A profile picture of the machine, from 1-2 metres back
  • Any further numbers, details or measurements that might help.

With this method we can usually identify a part within a day or so. It is a lot quicker and more certain with the model number – so always use that if at all possible!

Logging into Bigwarehouse will provide you with the simplest and most user-friendly experience while on the web-site. After an account is set up including email address, delivery address / shipping details and preference information you will not have to re-enter this on check out. You should however check that the information at check-out is correct.

It happens! Just click the link titled, “Password forgotten? Click here.” located directly below the returning customer login username and password entry boxes. This link will take you directly to a page where you can enter your current account e-mail address.

Enter your email address and a NEW password will be sent to that address. (please check you spam email box if it is not in your inbox. If the email address you enter does not match our account records, an error message will advise that it is not found.

Of course, if you have any issues, you can always email us at and we'll gladly help!

During our process of completing your order we will email you a number of times with status updates of your order. Some of these are automatically generated emails from our order management systems as your order progresses through the various stages of delivery. These emails should come to you inbox, however due to spam settings, sometimes these emails will go to your spam or junk email box. Please check these for correspondence.

BigWarehouse Spares has placed model & part numbers into our search system for the most commonly searched equipment brands. We will continue to add models & parts to simplify your search and improve the ease of ordering with Bigwarehouse.

If you do not find what you need by putting in a model or part number in to the search field, try by starting at the board brand name level and refine he search down via this approach with brand, appliance type, model and part. Many of the brands we support have “exploded views” which are drawings of the equipment which enables the parts and part numbers to be determined.

If can find the part you are looking for, we can undertake a search for you via our large supplier database. Select help or “Can’t find it” text and complete the details with the relevant information adding as mush detail of the appliance, part and equipment as you can. Our team will review and undertake a search for you and replay to you with what we think is what you are looking for. You can then confirm this and place your order.

Of course, if you have any issues, please email us at and our Customer Experience Representatives will help you!

In stock Same Day Dispatch - We have at least one of this item in stock and, if ordered, we will ship our available stock to you the same day for all orders received prior to 1PM Sydney time.

Dispatch est 1 to 2 weeks: The item is not on hand at our warehouse. The lead time quoted is based on the average delivery of past orders for that item from our supplier.

Dispatch Estimated 1 to 3 weeks: The item is not on hand at our warehouse. The lead time quoted is based on the average delivery of past orders for that item from our supplier.

Special Order: The item is not on hand. Lead times vary for this item. They can range from 3 -5 weeks. Email us and we can request a current lead time quote from our vendor for the item.

Parts can be returned once prior approval or agreement has been given at BigWarehouse’s discretion following our Terms & Conditions. Instructions on how to return product will be completed via email and forms part of the order record. All returns are governed by BigWarehouse T & C’s.

Some times there are a few problems that arise when making payment for your order. There are a couple of checks that you can do to minimise these problems. Check all your card details entered into the system are correct (ie card number, expire date, etc). Check there are sufficient funds in the account for your purchase?

We will accept a direct deposit for payments. Direct deposit details are shown on check out. We do not use paypal for payments.

You should also check you account details to ensure they are up to date.

You can come to the warehouse and pick up your order once you have been advised that it is ready to be picked up.

Once your order has been despatched you can track and trace your order using the consignment details emailed to you advising it has been despatch. You can do this by entering the consignment note number into the relevant courier website T&T system delivering your parcel.

Yes we ship to overseas destinations.

Sometimes we make mistakes. I you realise you have place and order and it is incorrect please advise us with the current order details (ie order number) via email ASAP. Also include any details of the part and model you are searching for and we could help.

Yes, you can choose to use your own selected courier which will need ot be organised by you and at your cost. The order can be picked up from the office by your courier when it is ready. There is a small packing and handling cost that will apply. Small parcels ~$10 larger parcels ~$15.

Orders with multiple items will be shipped as one shipment when all items become available, resulting in one shipping charge.

Requests for the splitting of orders will be considered by exception on an individual basis. Splitting of orders may incurred extra freight charges for 2 consignments.

We and our carriers take the greatest possible care to see that your order is delivered in pristine condition. However, if you take delivery of a parcel which shows signs of damage then please notify us online within 3 working days. If a signature is required, please sign that the parcel is 'Damaged'.

Damaged items can be returned and a replacement part provided. For full details on our returns information please refer to our returns & refunds page.

If you do not receive your order within an appropriate time, it will probably have experienced a delay between leaving our warehouse and arriving with you. Please review the status of your delivery using the carrier “Track & Trace” number on the carrier’s website. If the delivery fails to arrive we will investigate with the carrier and provide support for you in having your item delivered. To notify us of a failed delivery please contact Customer Services via email.

For Trade / Distributor Partners

If you are registered for distributor or trade pricing, your pricing can only be seen from the following website link Of course, if you have any issues, please email us at and we'll gladly help!

BigWarehouse provides trade & distributor discounts to high volume partners. The simple answer to this question is to buy more. The more you buy, the better your pricing. If you believe that you have earned discounted pricing through your order volume or your potential purchases, email We will review your account history and get to know you better to determine what incentives are available to you.

If you are a business involved in the repair or service of appliances and you would like to partner with us to supply parts, you can send an email to and request a trade account. Our Operations Manager will contact you to discuss.